Ginger Coffee Twist Recipe

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Were you all ready for us to post a standard Irish Coffee recipe?  We were too!  But then one of our staff members concocted this delicious Ginger Coffee Twist.  It is free of alcohol but full of flavor and certainly oozes St. Patty's Day vibes.  Try it and let us know what your think. 


2 oz Fevertree ginger beer

1-1/2 oz Cocktail crate ginger bee

3oz villager (aeropressed)

1 sprig of sage

Lemon twist

ginger slice


Brew coffee over ice, mix ginger beer and cocktail crate mix in a glass with ice, add the coffee , stir. Twist lemon peel over glass. Smack a sage spring and place in glass. Thinly slice ginger and add to drink stir and serve. 

Coffee Icing Recipe

One Village Coffee is 10 years old this year.  We are going to be celebrating all year long starting with America's designated celebration dessert: cake!

We figured the figurative and literal icing on our cake had to be made with a lot of love and a lot of coffee.  We nailed down an icing recipe that uses chocolatey Nordico beans and takes the cake celebrating to the next level.

So celebrate with us!  Pour a cup of coffee, bake your favorite cake, and spread this delicious coffee icing on your tasty treat.

Coffee Icing Recipe:

2 Cups Confectioners Sugar
1/4 Cup Butter
3 TBSP Strongly Brewed Coffee, with One Village Coffee Nordico
1 TSP Vanilla Extract
Beat combined ingredients together with mixer until frosting consistency.

Coffee Tip: To make approximately 3 TBSP of brewed coffee, grind 3g
Nordico beans and pour over 45g of hot water (200 degrees)