In The Kitchen | On The Trail Mix
Trail Mix Recipe

A little bit of sweet and a little bit of salty makes for the perfect combo in any trail mix - at least in my opinion! I guess that's why salted caramel is such a hit (you've got the best of both worlds). Now, I'm not here to show you my favorite salted caramel treats (even though that's a great idea), but I am here to teach you my favorite trail mix! Also, what kind of coffee lover would I be if coffee weren't included?

Trail mix might possibly be the easiest and most versatile snack I know of (if you know of others, leave them in the comments below). It can be healthy, or not-so healthy, sweet or salty, maybe even a mix of both. The version you'll find here is our take on Chocolate Bark meets Trail Mix. I know...mind blown! 

With the holidays about to take over our lives these next few months, this could be that perfect treat you are searching all over Pinterest for. First you need to make the chocolate bark (or should I say coffee bark, since I mixed in some Nordico coffee beans with the chocolate), and then mix together everything else. Here we go...


Download and/or 'Pin' and save for later!

Download and/or 'Pin' and save for later!

Coffee Bark
Coffee Bark and Trail Mix

These are great on the go snacks, wither you're hitting the trails, ready to munch on something at work, or driving in your car. They also would work perfectly during any holiday gathering (hostess gift or snacks before the main course). Have fun and make it your own! Let me know what you think by using #OVCtreats with your own creations. 

Bottoms up!

P.S. I may have eaten a whole mason jar in one sitting...It's that good!

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In The Kitchen | Coffee Push-Pops
Coffee Push-Pops

Summer is in full swing, making itself known through its long summer days, the butterflies living off the flowers, and the singing cicadas you hear every morning (at least you'll hear them if you're in PA). As soon as the cicadas lift their voices, I know the hot summer days will be sticking around for a few weeks (quite literally)! 

It's been my mission to think of fun ways to cool off in the intense summer heat, especially when jumping into a body of water isn't always possible! Thankfully, with the age of Pinterest and the endless amounts of DIY recipes and projects, there is always a pin that inspires your own ideas! So when I saw these push-pop sleeves, I knew I had to make my own push-pops with coffee. Let's be honest...who wouldn't?

This DIY is AWESOME, because just like brewing a hot cup of coffee, there is more than 1 way to enjoy it!

Coffee Push-Pops (as you see here) |

  1. Brew a normal pot of drip over ice coffee (AKA - flash brew). Head over to our Brewing Guide for step-by-step instructions.
  2. Once fully brewed, open up a Popsicle sleeve, and pour the iced coffee until you reach the fill line. 
  3. Stop pouring, seal and place in your freezer for up to 4 hours.
  4. Take the push-pops out of your freezer, open and enjoy!

Options |

  1. Most of us have a large canister of Cold Brew hiding in our fridge! Use this to fill your Popsicle sleeves if you don't have time to make drip over ice.
  2. Do you like your coffee sweet? Mix sugar, honey, or syrup into your iced coffee before you pour into the Popsicle sleeves. 
  3. Add your milk or non-dairy creamer when you are finished making your iced coffee, and mix well! I've been seriously loving an unsweetened almond milk mixed with coconut changer! 
  4. If you decide to make a few different types in one sitting, make sure to label each push-pop, as they will look similar to each other when frozen. There's nothing worse than reaching for a specific tasting item and getting something completely different!
Iced Coffee with Milk

The beauty about push-pops is they can be enjoyed just about anywhere! I'd love to see how you are enjoying your push-pops. Snap a photo, and tag it by using the hashtag #OVCKitchen so we can follow along on your coffee journey!

Bottoms up!

Ask Steve | Where did it go?

Everytime I find a delicious coffee that soon becomes my favorite, it is gone within a few months. Why does coffee come and go so quickly?

In Love with Yirgacheffe


 Our seasonal coffee offerings change frequently throughout the year. So annoying right? We think stellar coffees deserve time in the spotlight when they’re freshly harvested and most vibrant, so our offerings mirror coffee’s harvest cycles around the globe. We run our single origin coffees for about 10 weeks - just enough time for you to fall in love only to have your new favorite coffee dramatically ripped away by big bad One Village. Sorry. We like variety. It hurts us to let the faves go, but there are so many rad coffees in the world. We only get to share a few of said rad coffees with you each year, so we really like to try to strike some semblance of balance between variety and stability on the offering sheet.

 My advice: catch 'em while you can and savor them flavor notes, but maintain a healthy detachment, then go ahead and let yourself fall for the hot new coffee on the block when it comes 'round! And if you just can’t let a coffee go, there’s always cryogenics. Seriously. Freezing is a real option - single doses, vacuum packed, of course. But you’re not that desperate right? Well we are, we just started freezing some of our favorite coffees here at the One Village HQ!

Peace out,

*First 3 farm photos are provided by Fair Trade, USA*