KETIARA ADSENIA-Single Origin, Wet hulled

KETIARA ADSENIA-Single Origin, Wet hulled

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We Taste | Black Cherry, Cocoa & Cedar

This coffee comes to us from Ketiara, a woman-led co-op in the Aceh region of Sumatra. We’ve featured Ketiara’s coffee, but this particular lot highlights the local coffee variety Adsenia. The cup has a black cherry and dark caramel sweetness, with dry cocoa and spice complexities. An extra round of sorting at the dry mill stage focuses the clean sweet aspects of the coffee. It also expresses classic Sumatran rustic earthy, cedar notes in balance with the fruity sweetness. Mmmmm.

Roast Level | Medium

Location | Indonesida

Co-Op | Ketiara

Process | Wet-hulled

Variety | Adsenia

Elevation | 1300-1600 M

Whole Bean Only!

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