Ethiopia Idido

Ethiopia Idido

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Fruit is the star of the show here - tart, sugary strawberry and syrupy blueberry. The fruit laser light show is built up on an ample body and followed by an elegant cocoa fade aftertaste. Idido is a quintessential natural (or sundried) Ethiopian coffee, sure to please all the fruitbomb fans!

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  • Country | Ethiopia
  • Region | Idido town, Gedeo Zone (near Yirgacheffe)
  • Mill | Idido
  • Co-op | Idido Co-op, 1044 members (member of YCFCU)
  • Producer | Small farms average 1.5 hectares
  • Process | Natural
  • Elevation | 2050-2200 M
  • Variety | Heirloom
  • Availability | Seasonal