Evening Blend

Evening Blend

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It was after the all-nighter of '07 when we decided that drinking and tasting lots of coffees all day didn’t lend itself to much sleep, so we created a blend that would give us the flavor we wanted without interrupting our sleep. Evening is carefully blended, lovingly roasted and shipped to you with the utmost of care and the least amount of uproar as possible so as to not disturb your restful nights. This coffee pleases the palate with hints of honey, spice, mixed nuts, and only half the caffeine.

Roast Level | Medium

We Taste | Brown Sugar, Anise & Cherry

Whole Bean Only!

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  • Certifications | Fair Trade, Organic
  • Location | Marcala, Honduras and Cajamarca, Peru
  • Elevation | 900-2000 M
  • Variety | Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Typica
  • Process | Washed
  • Decaffeination | Mountain Water Process
  • Availability | Year Round

On the back of our bags you'll find a section we call 'we taste.' We think those tasting notes are pretty realistic indicators of what you can expect the coffee to taste like. How to tackle tasting notes is a big question for a roaster. We're shooting for informative and realistic, as a place to start. You can always dig a bit further and find boysenberry cotton candy unicorns!