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This year’s winter seasonal blend, Fireside, celebrates the simple joy of coming together. It’s your invitation to cozy up, dive deep into conversation, and tell a tall tale or two to those closest to you.

We built this blend with two coffees, a natural sun-dried Ethiopian and a classic Guatemalan. The combination forms a deep sweet flavor profile that can stand up to the coldest of winter mornings!

Roast Level | Medium

We Taste | Dark Chocolate, dried fruit & walnut

Whole Bean Only!

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  • Country | Ethiopia & Guatemala
  • Region | Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia; Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • Certification | Guatemala is Organic
  • Process | Natural & Washed
  • Elevation | 1650-2000 M
  • Variety | Heirloom, Caturra, Bourbon
  • Availability | Seasonal