French Roast

French Roast

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French Roast has been one of our most popular blends for years. The goal with this blend is to strike a balance between bittersweet roast flavors and deep, chocolaty sweetness. It makes a robust, heavy bodied cup with big flavors. Perfect for fans of a deeper roast!  

Roast Level | Dark

We Taste | Smoke & Dark Chocolate

Whole Bean Only!

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Great tasting dark roasts start with great green coffee. Our French Roast currently features Sumatra Gayo Linge and Honduras COMSA.  Enjoy!


  • Certifications | Organic, Fair Trade
  • Location | Indonesia, Honduras
  • Elevation | 1180-1700M
  • Variety | Timtim, Bourbon, Catimor, Typica, Catuai, Caturra
  • Process | Wet Hulled, Washed
  • Availability | Year Round

On the back of our bags you'll find a section we call 'we taste.' We think those tasting notes are pretty realistic indicators of what you can expect the coffee to taste like. How to tackle tasting notes is a big question for a roaster. We're shooting for informative and realistic, as a place to start. You can always dig a bit further and find boysenberry cotton candy unicorns!