Kenya Kagunyu

Kenya Kagunyu

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Nothing gets us more excited around the cupping table then big, bright, sweet Kenyan coffees! Kagunyu is the name of the factory, or mill/washing station, where this coffee is processed - it’s one of eight factories under the Rumukia Society (co-op) umbrella. It’s grown in the famous Nyeri region, near Mt. Keyna, Africa’s second highest peak. Just over 1300 farmers, cultivating only about 350 acres between them, contribute to this lot.

Kagunyu is a wonderful example of the punchy, fruity intensity we can’t get enough of in Kenyan coffees. The cup bursts with orange zest and creamy peach notes!

Roast Level | Light

We Taste | Orange, Peach & Brown Sugar

Whole Bean Only!

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  • Country | Kenya
  • Region | Nyeri
  • Washing Station | Kagunyu
  • Co-op | Rumukia Society
  • Process | Washed
  • Elevation | 1220-2300 M
  • Variety | SL28, SL34, Some Ruiru 11
  • Availability | Seasonal