FINCA CUAL BICICLETA-Single Origin, Natural

FINCA CUAL BICICLETA-Single Origin, Natural

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We Taste | Strawberry, Raspberry & Lemon

We’re happy to feature Oscar Omar Alonzo’s coffee for the 4th consecutive year. This natural processed lot from his farm, Finca Cual Bicicleta, in Chinacla, La Paz, is an overflowing basket of fruit. From fresh and tart, to deep and macerated syrupy expressions, strawberry is the heart of the flavor profile. Raspberry and blueberry are layered in there too, along with a luxurious boozy streak and citrus/tropical accents. Wowzers!

Roast Level | Light

Location | Marcala, Honduras

Process | Natural

Variety | Catuai

Elevation | 1500 M

Whole Bean Only!

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