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Ah Nordico, our baby, and the ongoing coffee project that keeps us awake at night both figuratively and literally. Nordico is our flagship espresso blend and one of the anchors of our lineup. Blended with immense pride, this espresso is meant to be smooth, flavorful and the perfect base for extraordinary cappuccinos and lattes. Featuring coffee from Indonesia, Africa, and Latin America, it boasts flavors of milk chocolate, orange, berries, cinnamon and hazelnut. The finish is all sweet, lingering chocolate. 

We usually aim for a dose of 18-19 grams with a finishing weight of 28-35 grams, in 25-30 seconds.

This blend is also fantastic as a brewed coffee!

Roast Level | Medium

A Blend From | Brazil, Ethiopia, & Indonesia

Process | Natural & Washed

Variety | Catuai, Mundo Novo, Catucai, Ateng, Typica

Elevation | 900 - 2200 M

Whole Bean Only!

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