Papua New Guinea Koban

Papua New Guinea Koban

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Koban from Papua New Guinea is a fantastic companion for cold winter weather. Complex and intriguing flavors abound in this cup - from deep brown sugar, to cinnamon and baking spices, to refreshing orange and apricot highlights. It’s certain to warm and brighten a dreary winter day! The coffee hails from the Koban Estate in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Roast Level | Medium

We Taste | Orange, Apricot & Cinnamon

Whole Bean Only!

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  • Country | Papua New Guinea
  • Region | Western Highlands
  • Producer | Koban Plantation (Single Estate)
  • Process | Washed
  • Elevation | 1500-1600 M
  • Variety | Arusha, Blue Mountain, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Typica
  • Availability | Seasonal