Smart Blend

Smart Blend

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We took a classic blend, Moka Java, added our own sort of flair to it, and viola, Smart Blend! We combined Indonesian coffee from Sumatra with fruit forward natural processed Ethiopian coffee, and what we get is magic. The combination of these distinct coffees makes for a thick, complex and exotic cup. We’re always chasing the ideal version of this blend with the most vibrant flavor profile, so the components change slightly throughout the year.

A lush, exotic coffee! Smart Blend is full bodied, with flavors of rich cocoa and ripe berries.

Roast Level | Medium

We Taste | Chocolate, Berry & Walnut

Whole Bean Only!

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  • Weight | 12(oz)
  • Location | Ethiopia, Indonesia
  • Elevation | 1180-2000M
  • Variety | Heirloom Ethiopia, Bourbon, Timtim, Catimor, Caturra
  • Process | Natural, Wet Hulled
  • Availability | Year Round

On the back of our bags you'll find a section we call 'we taste.' We think those tasting notes are pretty realistic indicators of what you can expect the coffee to taste like. How to tackle tasting notes is a big question for a roaster. We're shooting for informative and realistic, as a place to start. You can always dig a bit further and find boysenberry cotton candy unicorns!