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You are now a part of One Village – a flourishing community of growers, roasters, and coffee drinkers. As you take a sip, know that your coffee has been seasonally harvested & roasted to order so that your brew is as fresh as possible. From the farmer who has been paid a fair wage, to the roaster (us) who has meticulously sourced and handcrafted each blend & single origin, to you the faithful coffee provider: we are One Village. We are working together to better our families, the world, and ourselves.

Our wholesale process is simple: 

1 | Fill out the form to the right so we can get to know you, or reach out to one of our Wholesale Contacts below.

2 | Meet with us so we can properly introduce ourselves. We will also taste some coffees and assess your needs.  If needed, we can help you select espresso machines, grinders and custom equipment packages to match the culture of your business & customer base.  If you’re all set with your staff and equipment, we’ll get you the coffee you need when you need it.

3 | Training. We are dedicated to resource you with the information needed to learn the art of brewing, and educate your customers in the process. 

4 | Support. We are here for you!  We have a dedicated Customer Service Associate who is on point to answer any questions you may have. When issues arise, we will be here to respond as quickly as possible.

We look forward to partnering with you. Welcome home!



Woody DeCasere.jpg


Brewing Accounts

Woody has been around since opening day.  He recently became a Q Grader.  He manages coffee shop accounts.  His favorite coffee at the moment is the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe YirgZ.

Steve Hackman.jpg


Retail Accounts

Steve enjoys the Smart Blend prepared with a French press. He frequents many international cities and calls them his community. He says community is about belonging and getting great things accomplished.