Gift Guide | For the Coffee Nerd This Holiday Season

Every family has one, that person you have no idea what to shop for! Every year, without fail, you walk from store to store, second guessing each purchase you made. "Will they like this...well how about this...?" This year we've made it a little easier for you. Here is a list of the perfect gifts your coffee nerd will love. No more stress, just a little more peace, joy & coffee!

For the coffee lover who never has enough mugs |
1. Hasami (Natural) - Mug
2.Hasami (Wooden) - Lid and or Coaster
3. Lino - Mug

For the coffee geek who is also a book geek|
4. Uncommon Grounds, by Pendergast
5. Flavor wheel - T-Shirt
6. The Coffee tasters flavor wheel - Poster

For the barista at heart |
7. Kalita Wave Style - Brewer
8. La Marzocoo Linea Mini - Espresso Machine
9. Fellow - Duo Coffee Steeper
10. Fellow - Stagg Pour-Over Kettle
11. JoeFrex Teflon - Steaming

For the at home coffee roaster |
12. Drum Roasting - Home roasting start up kit
13. Air Roasting - Home roasting starter kit


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