In the Kitchen | Coffee, pretzel kisses

We all know and love those delicious treats of pretzels and Hersey Kisses topped with M&M's! Thus, when one of my co-workers made these for our last all team retreat with a twist, I knew that we had to share it for all of you! Be prepared to eat the entiring serving in one sitting....I may have done just that (you've been warned)!

What you will need |

1 bag of One Village Coffee Beans (I used the Nordico Espresso Blend because I knew that it would complement the chocolate perfectly!)
1 bag of Snyders Pretzel
2 bags of Hershey Kisses of your choosing (the Hershey Hugs melt really well)

How to create |

1. Preheat Oven to 350 degrees.
2. Place pretzels flat on a baking sheet.
3. Unwrap the Hershey kisses and place on top of pretzels.

4. Place in the oven for 2 minutes, even a little less. Fair warning though, if you go over in time (even just a little bit) the chocolate will dry out and become unusable. You don't want that!
5. Push coffee beans in the melty chocolate right after you take it out of the oven.
6. Let cool, and place in fridge to set.

7. Eat & Enjoy!