5 Reasons to Start a One Village Coffee Subscription Today

If you’re anything like the One Village Coffee team, you like to always have a fresh bag of coffee to brew. We always want to perk up our Villagers with our sensational offerings, so we launched the One Village Coffee subscription option on our website. It’s the easiest way to ensure you don’t run out of your favorite One Village coffee. And in case you need 5 reasons why you should start a coffee subscription today!

1.You save 10% off every One Village bag of coffee.

Quick show of hands: who doesn’t like to save money? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? When you create a subscription with One Village Coffee, you get 10% off every subscription order. This is a sale that never ends, and those savings add up-(it also translates to more coffee)!

2. Did someone say free shipping?

The word free may be one of the best terms ever created, so why not get something free with your subscription?. In addition to the 10% off, you’ll get free shipping. That translates to savings of about $5 per box!

3.Your cost is less than $1 per cup.

You’re going to pay at least $2 for a medium cup of freshly brewed coffee at a cafe. A One Village Coffee subscription sends that price per cup plummeting well below $1. In fact, it’s closer to about 50 cents per cup, depending on which coffee you choose.

4.We’re incredibly flexible. 

You deserve choices and we’re here to offer them. Want to change how often you get your coffee? Our plan allows you to schedule orders at your pace. Want to switch up the coffee in your subscription and try a favorite like our Artist blend, or maybe the latest and greatest single origin? You can do it! Or, maybe you need to cancel the subscription altogether for a while (we sure would miss you)- it's all possible. Our coffee subscription supports any coffee choice you want to make. It’s flexible and you can change it to fit your needs. 

5.You’ll never run out of coffee again.

There are few things worse than preparing to brew some delicious coffee and realizing you’ve run out-(there really should be a Coffee Crisis Management Team or member of the Avengers for this issue-). Well, have no fear, Villagers! Because when you’ve got a One Village Coffee subscription, you won’t forget to order coffee, or rush to order in a caffeine-deprived frenzy when you run out. You’ll always have your next coffee lined up and ready to go! Simply adjust the frequency to whatever you desire, and our amazing One Village team will get your order to you faster than a speeding bullet!

So, amazing Villager, what are you waiting for? Start a subscription today and keep the coffee and good vibes flowing. Simply select "Subscribe & Save" when adding a coffee to your cart. Bottoms up!


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