Walking in to the newly renovated Mainland Inn, I felt a sense of anticipation.  We were invited to the restaurant’s soft opening on their vendor night (they are the first customer to serve our coffee French Pressed table side… more about that later).  The atmosphere is open, elegant and inviting.  One of the first things noticed was a viewing room into the kitchen, where you can watch the food being created by chef Ezra Duker (read more about his background here… it’s pretty amazing).

We were then escorted to our table along with the menu for the evening, which consisted of a sampling from their dinner menu.  We started out with several relishes, the Pastrami Egg Kraut and the Picalilli.  The first thing that came to mind when tasting these dishes was how light and refreshing they felt to my palate.  The freshness is attributed to the quality of the ingredients that can be found in the food.  Which are all organic, and sourced locally from places like Quarry Hill Farms.

Our second course was the velouté soup and the scallop crudo from the cold dish section of the menu.  This round of food was by far my favorite.  From the presentation to the taste, I was blown away by the flavors and the feeling I got from eating them.  I felt comfort and a sense that the chef created it just for me… like I somehow found a secret guilty pleasure.

The main courses and dessert were equally enjoyable.  My favorites were the chicken & dumplings and the crémeux.  Besides the exquisite taste of the food, the one thing that stood out was the presentation.  Each plate, bowl, and cup utilized in plating seemed to be meticulously hand-picked for a given dish.  When I got to speak with one of the owners, Sloane Six, she confirmed that everything utilized in the restaurant was thoroughly sourced. 

I was proud that One Village Coffee was a part of their choice!  They opted to use French Presses with an hourglass timer served table side.  When the timer was complete, the customer presses the coffee, pours, and enjoys. 

If you have a chance, I highly recommend visiting Mainland Inn.  You will not regret your experience, and don’t forget to enjoy a cup of coffee while you are there!

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