You have probably heard by now, have visited, or have seen the Instagram photo's of our newly renovated space.  It's been about 2 months since we moved in, and all of our boxes are unpacked and we have begun to formulate a daily rhythm.  There are days where I feel like I'm still dreaming, because this bright light filled lobby space, high ceilings, and endless amounts of coffee have me swooning every day I sit down at my desk.  With the new images and press we recently received, we wanted to take the time to give you a tour and provide some insight into our vision and design for the space.  

We worked with Wild Measure (our designers) and Hoff Properties (our landlord) to create a layout that was both inviting and functional. When you first walk through the doors, you are greeted with our retail wall. We really wanted this wall to pop, so special grooves were carved under the shelves and house LED light strips to help highlight each shelf's contents.  We added brewing devices & equipment along with our coffee & merch so that customers can stop in and have everything they need to brew at home. 

From the lobby, you can go directly into our coffee lab (my favorite room in the new space).  This room is where we sample all of the coffee we roast daily or new coffees we're thinking of offering. It's also a place of training.  New and current customers will be taught how to brew coffee, pull a shot of espresso, steam milk, and equipment cleaning/maintenance.  A lot of time can be spent here, either talking with other employees, cupping coffees or brewing a cup of coffee (ok maybe 3 cups of coffee) each day. 

The highlight of this room is our cupping table, as it took a lot of thought and attention to bring together.  We knew we wanted a live slab of wood, but also needed to follow certain guidelines to make it functional and still eye catching.  It took many phone calls, visits and research to find one we loved.  Luckily, we were able to work with a local saw mill to get the exact dimensions we needed for SCAA certification.  The legs of the table were specialty welded by the same individual who did the railings in our loft area.  He weighted the legs to support the heaviness of the wood and added adjustable feet to account for the wood warping over time (no one wants a wobbly cupping table).  

We intentionally surrounded the cupping lab with windows so when you stood in the lobby, you could look back and see our roasters in action. It was important for us to create a visual experience for everyone who walks in our doors, as we want people to have a chance to see the ins and outs of our day to day operations.  This  helped us in creating a flow for coffee going out the door.  From the roasters, coffee is bagged, sealed, labeled, and put in boxes to fulfill daily orders.  The production area was set up to reflect this flow.


The biggest change for us would be the natural lighting.  Our landlord suggested moving to the other side of the building from our previous location, because every exterior wall in our new location is lined with windows.  The space we were in previously had a total of 2 windows in its entirety.  We are grateful for the light and see it as symbolic of our new space.  Not only that but, it has provided us with extra energy & motivation to do what we love - roasting great coffee.  

We will be offering tours every 3rd Thursday of each month at 10 am where we will share about how we source, roast, brew & taste our coffee. We would love for you to experience the space first hand. Sign up by e-mailing us at roastery@onevillagecoffee.com.  When you RSVP, you'll receive 10% off any item the day of the tour.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Much Love,
Jess - Customer Service Coordinator

PS. Stay tuned for some pics of our grand opening celebrations.


*All pictures taken by Mike from Wild Measure

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