I want to get a coffee grinder...but which one should I get?

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Dear Steve-

I am going to buy a grinder!  No more commercial ground coffee in the morning, wahoo!  Can't wait to try all the different specialty whole bean varieties.

But which grinder should I get?  I have a drip machine I use at home.


A Whole Bean World


Dear A Whole Bean World,

“I am going to buy a grinder” - music to my ears. I’m glad to hear you’re planning to buy a grinder, it’s WORTH IT! A good grinder is essential to great tasting coffee.

There are two types of grinders: burr and blade. Burr is best. Blade grinders chop beans into various ground coffee particle sizes, while burr grinders produce a uniform ground coffee particle size. Whaaa? Particle size? Yeah, it’s all about particle size. Check it, different particle sizes brew differently - small particles brew fast and the biggies take longer. You need uniform particle size to make that tasty tasty brew you’re after. Hence, burr is best.

The Baratza Encore or the Capresso Infinity are great electric burr options. Manual burr grinders require a bit of work, but cost much less than electric versions, check out Hario or Porlex brands.

Happy grinding,


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