Where Did It Go?

Where Did It Go?

Ask Steve - Seasonal Coffee

Every time I find a delicious coffee that soon becomes my favorite, it is gone within a few months. Why does coffee come and go so quickly?

In Love with Yirgacheffe


Our seasonal coffee offerings change frequently throughout the year. So annoying right? We think stellar coffees deserve time in the spotlight when they’re freshly harvested and most vibrant, so our offerings mirror coffee’s harvest cycles around the globe. We run our single origin coffees for about 10 weeks - just enough time for you to fall in love only to have your new favorite coffee dramatically ripped away by big bad One Village. Sorry. We like variety. It hurts us to let the faves go, but there are so many rad coffees in the world. We only get to share a few of said rad coffees with you each year, so we really like to try to strike some semblance of balance between variety and stability on the offering sheet.

My advice: catch 'em while you can and savor them flavor notes, but maintain a healthy detachment, then go ahead and let yourself fall for the hot new coffee on the block when it comes 'round! And if you just can’t let a coffee go, there’s always cryogenics. Seriously. Freezing is a real option - single doses, vacuum packed, of course. But you’re not that desperate right? Well we are, we just started freezing some of our favorite coffees here at the One Village HQ!

Peace out,

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