We at One Village Coffee want you to make the best possible cup of coffee.  Since you have just bought delicious whole beans, your next consideration is the grinder.  You may be tempted to just grind it conveniently at the store; however, the freshest coffee comes from grinding the coffee immediately prior to brewing it.  To do that you will need to have your very own grinder. 

For the most consistent results that keep the flavor and aroma of our coffee intact, we recommend that you invest in a burr coffee grinder. 

How does a burr grinder work?

A burr coffee grinder works by rotating two abrasive surfaces (or burrs) against the coffee beans and crushing them into smaller particles.  The abrasive surfaces are separated by a distance usually set by the user. When the distance is larger, the coffee grounds will be coarser; when the two surfaces are set closer together, the grounds will be finer and smaller.  While these grinders are typically more expensive than a blade grinder, blade grinders create heat from friction and that heat tends to lessen or taint the rich flavor of the coffee.  Burr grinders create less friction and their resulting uniform grounds yield the best results!

But there are so many to choose from…which should I buy?

Here are a few suggestions we like, all readily available at local retailers or online at

1. Bodum Bistro

This affordable grinder has over 14 grind settings ranging from coarse to fine.  It has a glass catcher to reduce static that causes jumping coffee grounds.  This grinder has a timed grinding feature and a quick grind button that allows you to set the exact time you need to grind the proper amount of coffee.  It is available in black, orange, red, green and white.  It comes with a two year warranty with proof of purchase.

2.  Capresso Infinity

This is a 100 watt conical grinder with 16 grind settings ranging from coarse to ultrafine Turkish.  Its gear reduction motor grinds slowly with reduced noise and little static build up. It offers pulse grinding, a safety lock system for safe operation, a built-in timer and is easy to clean.  It comes in black and stainless finishes and has a limited 1 year warranty.

3. Baratza Encore

Experts consider the Encore the “go to” entry level grinder for home use.  It features 40 individual accurate and repeatable grind settings.  It has an efficient DC motor that keeps the beans cool and has a combination of electric and gear speed reducers that slow the burr to ensure a smooth bean feed and reduce noise, heat and static build up.  It also has a front-mounted pulse button that makes it easy to grind right into your brew basket.  The grinder comes with a one year warranty with proof of purchase.

4. Baratza Virtuoso

This grinder, used by micro and specialty roasters, has professional grade 40 mm conical burrs that consistently produce both coarse and fine grounds.  The Virtuoso’s smooth grind results from an efficient DC motor that keeps the beans cool and a combination of electric and gear speed reducers slow the burrs, ensuring a smooth feed and reducing noice, heat and static build up.  It is an elegant appliance that features a front-mounted pulse button with a 60 second timer to make it easy to replicate ideal grind times.

Click on the item below to find out where you can purchase these grinders:
1.  Bistro 
2. Infinity 
3. Encore
4. Virtuoso

We would love to know which grinders you like best!  Let us know in the comments below.

Your fellow coffee lover,
Andrea M.

*All Photo's where taken by Mike Gilger of Wild Measure

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