When the renovations were complete, we gathered in our loft space taking in the fact that we now get to work and create in this beautiful space.  We had an overwhelming desire that we wanted all those that contributed to our village to experience the beauty of the space with us.   We began dreaming about a way to bring people together to celebrate.  What came out of that brainstorming session was a vision for an intimate gathering with friends, family, and wholesale customers, as well as an opportunity for the public to tour the roastery and learn more about our process of sourcing and roasting. 

After our initial meeting, we started to have fun with the planning process.  I can't tell you how many crazy ideas we threw out.  Some we laughed away, but as we continued to ideate, the theme of the night naturally started to emerge as "Our Village" - because without each person present, we wouldn't be who we are.  

The First step was to reach out to our local partners to highlight their specialties.  We offered baked goods from Flying Monkey BakeryMainland Inn, and Stella's House Blend Cafe.  As well as served cold brew from Hidden Grounds and Victory Village (our collaboration beer with Victory Brewing Company) on tap from our new Hidden Grounds keg system.  On top of it all, we featured our own personal barista skills, offering made-to-order pour over and espresso drinks from our two roasters, Zach & Cameron.

When thinking of our roastery, we wanted a way to capture the essence of our village.  We envisioned a huge wall and filling it with lots and lots of images of the people who make up our village. So with less than a week to spare, we bought a Polaroid camera and reached out to our friends at Pallet Jacks Furniture (who designed & built a lot of pieces in our new space) and they created the Village Wall.  In the roastery we wanted to create a fun experience by creating a photo area.  We drug over a stack of green coffee, pulled open our pallet wall, and wallah, it created the perfect backdrop for picture taking.  As the day went on, we watched as people tacked up their photos, wrote notes of encouragement & love, and spent time reading what everyone else had to say.  It is a cherished gift we continue to enjoy and look at every day.

There were so many smiles, fun, & of course coffee shared.  We put together hand-written thank yous for everyone who stopped by.  It was an exhausting day for the One Village Team (I think we were in the roastery for over 12 hours), but one of those good exhaustions.  The kind where you know you worked really hard, but it was so worth it, because you left feeling love, encouraged and supported.  We left with the feeling that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves - that we are a part of #ourvillage. 

The Food was provided by |

Cheese from DiBruno Brothers | Popcorn from The Great American Popcorn Works | Assorted Truffles from Flying Monkey Bakery | Sticky Buns from Stella's House Blend Cafe | Brownies from The Mainland Inn 

*All photo's taken by Mike at Wild Measure

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