With the holidays suddenly upon us, I was slightly nervous with figuring out what to get each person on my list.  I noticed that a lot of my family members are coffee lovers, but each one in a different way.  To get myself organized, I put together an easy guide that focused on a different type of coffee lover in my family.  Here is what I came up with! 

The Melitta Set | $15

The Melitta coffee dripper is perfect for the individual who is new to the pour-over coffee scene.  It's a simple device and very forgiving if you don't have a coffee scale to measure out your beans. This device is made with sturdy plastic, so if you're clumsy, it will take a lot to brake it.

This gift set includes |

  1. Melitta Dripper with filters
  2. 1 - 12oz bag of Artist Blend Coffee.                                                                                                                                                         The V60 Set | $46.50
V60 Kit.jpg

The V60 glass dripper and range server are more for the advanced coffee lovers, with a need for precision and timing.  With only 1 point of exit, the coffee needs to flow in a particular manor with a specific grind size (otherwise you can end up with coffee that is over extracted or under extracted).

This gift set includes |

  1. V60 Glass Dripper
  2. Hario Range Server
  3. V60 White Filters 

 The Chemex Set | $52.50

This Chemex brewing device is great for anyone.  It's perfect when you have company over, and you need to make more then just 1 cup of coffee at a time.  Not only that, but it's always fun to watch the coffee being brewed this way; it takes dinner and a show to a whole new level!

This gift set includes |

  1. Chemex 8 cup with glass handle
  2. Chemex pre-folded paper filter


If you are looking to go above and beyond, here are some optional accessories |

Here are coffee gift options for the person who already has brewing equipment |

Happy gift giving!


*All photos were take by Mike from Wild Measure

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