One Village Coffee is 10 years old this year.  We are going to be celebrating all year long starting with America's designated celebration dessert: cake!

We figured the figurative and literal icing on our cake had to be made with a lot of love and a lot of coffee.  We nailed down an icing recipe that uses chocolatey Nordico beans and takes the cake celebrating to the next level.

So celebrate with us!  Pour a cup of coffee, bake your favorite cake, and spread this delicious coffee icing on your tasty treat.

Coffee Icing Recipe:

2 Cups Confectioners Sugar
1/4 Cup Butter
3 TBSP Strongly Brewed Coffee, with One Village Coffee Nordico
1 TSP Vanilla Extract
Beat combined ingredients together with mixer until frosting consistency.

Coffee Tip: To make approximately 3 TBSP of brewed coffee, grind 3g
Nordico beans and pour over 45g of hot water (200 degrees)

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