Everyone knows that Colombia produces quality coffee. We know because of the famous Juan Valdez commercials. The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, or FNC for short, has had huge success promoting Colombian coffee with the Juan Valdez marketing campaign. While the FNC does good work to maintain the quality of coffee leaving Colombia, most coffees we see from Colombia are a blend of many different farmers' coffee. The sad thing is that stand-out coffees end up being blended with average coffees to make decent quality regional lots.

When we taste La Arenosa Estate, we're tasting something much more specific than a country or even a region. We're tasting the hard work, dedication and pride of a real life Juan Valdez named Olvey Narvaez. We're tasting the harvest from his three acre family farm, 1900 meters up in the mountains of Nariño. The distinct plum and dried fruit popping over a dense focused sweetness layered with bittersweet cocoa; that's Don Olvey's dedication to quality shining through. We're excited to offer such a distinctive Colombian coffee!

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Steve Hoffman | Director of Coffee & Production

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