For the past 4 years, One Village Coffee has been working with the COMSA Co-op in Marcala, Honduras through a project called the COMSA Bee Project (you can read up on this project here and here). We started this program back in 2012 and are thrilled to see that it has become a sustainable source of their day to day operations. 

Even though the Bee Project has ended, we are still commited to working with the COMSA Co-op as they are a vital part of our village. Coffee from the COMSA Co-op can be found in our Artist Blend, Evening Blend, French Roast, and COMSA Decaf. This year, the COMSA Co-op has developed a new project called The Orchard School. The Orchard School is a pilot program during 2016-2017 which empowers the children within their community by giving them the opportunity to learn how to grow healthy foods.

Facts |
- There are approximately 110 Students enrolled in The Orchard School
- 80% of the school body comes from families that are unemployed or have minimal to no income

"The situation worsens every day with prices of basic necessities of life becoming more expensive.  The quality of the diet of these children is more and more insufficient, causing negative consequences to their bodies and resulting in it being more difficult to learn in school.  These families have lost or perhaps never had a culture of a family orchard because they believe they don’t have enough space and/or lack the ability to get it". - The COMSA Co-op.

Objectives |
- A model that is meant for the home
- The Orchard School will develop agricultural education
- The students will be involved with cultivating healthy foods
- The students will learn to create sustainable orchards that reduces the risks of contamination by chemcial products

Starting October 17th through mid-November, $1.00 from every purchase of our 12oz Artist Blend will be given to The Orchard School. The goal is to present the COMSA Co-op with $1,500 - 2,000 to help launch this program. We are grateful to work with both the COMSA Co-op and Fair Trade USA in coordinating this project. Help us support The Orchard School by purchasing the Artist Blend today!

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