Throughout the year I have the privilege of cupping so many wonderful coffees representing coffee producers from all around the world. Sadly, I only get to buy and roast a few of them. I would love to share more coffees with you so we’re adding to our offerings! We’re really excited to bring you a bit more variety and to shine a spotlight on these incredible coffees.

Our regional single origin coffees representing Latin AmericaAfrica, and Asia/Pacific will continue to highlight approachable flavor profiles and represent washing stations, co-ops, community level lots of coffees. Those coffees run on our offering sheet for 10-12 weeks each. In addition, we’ll be adding coffees from single farms, single variety separations, alternative processing methods, and coffees that are simply really exciting. The new coffees will be offered as limited runs and will be available for just a few weeks.

We have a few coffees lined up already - a honey processed coffee from Finca La Esmeralda in El Salvador available on August 13th, and a 100% Caturra variety lot from Finca La Travesía in Antigua, Guatemala which will be available in September. I hope you enjoy these coffees!
Also, be sure to try our latest regional single origin, Costa Rica Cañuela. With notes of tangy orange, cherry & a boatload of sweetness, this coffee is made for drinking, then drinking some more!

Steve Hoffman, Director of Coffee


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