This, hands down, has to be one of my favorite seasons to be crafty. Inspiration flows effortlessly as friends gather for a craft night, homes are decorated for the season, and Pinterest boards are filling up. I'm never more inspired by those around me then I am this time of year. It is truly contagious!

I am the first to admit that my craft skills aren't the greatest (I am so clumsy and Band-Aids are always within reach), but the desire is so strong in my heart to create that I don't let my fear stop me. My goal is simple...find crafts that don't require the best technique but will truly hold a purpose/use. So when a co-worker showed me these simple DIY stockings, I knew they were perfect. I snagged her help, some leftover burlap that we have LOADS of, and all the materials to bring you this.


Here is what you will need to begin, and feel free to be creative when gathering your own materials. Don't let fear hold you back either!

Materials you will need


Fabric glue is the key to holding the burlap together. The instructions on the bottle say it only takes 3 minutes to dry, but we gave ourselves an entire night just to make sure it didn't come apart. After all, we do plan on filling it up!


Once your fabric glue is fully dry (it goes on white, but dries clear), make sure to flip the burlap inside out to hide any seems. Feel free to take your time with this part. If you rush, you may pull everything apart.

Your last step is decorating! We used a simple strand of ribbon, and fabric markers to write our initials! 

Finally, we hung it up with care and filled it with goodies!

How easy and cute are these? I know you are itching to make one yourself and I hope you do just that. To make it even easier, if you stop by our Roastery (in Souderton, PA), and mention this blog post, we'll give you burlap for FREE! Now you have no more excuses.

Get going and be just may surprise yourself.

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