As our About us page proclaims, we at One Village Coffee are "inspired by the villages we visit making everything we do revolve around our commitment to quality coffee and stewardship". Our packaging alone shows these two values in more ways than we could have ever hoped. If you are then inspired to help us better the world we live in, follow these steps to compost your One Village Coffee bags. 

To compost our bag:

  1. Cut out the resealable zipper and the valve (found at the back of the bag)
  2. Cut out the white labels on the front and on the back of the bag
  3. Throw the bag in your compost bin
  4. Pull out the remaining layer after 60-90 days and throw it away - this layer will decompose over time

Don't forget to compost these other coffee items:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Coffee filters (if applicable)
  • Coffee chaff (if you roast)

Join us in our stewardship campaign #ovcstewards and compost away!

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