When I was in college the coffee situation in our cafeteria was utterly lacking, to put it kindly! The problem I kept running into was how I needed coffee to keep me awake in my classes right after chowing down on a hearty breakfast or lunch. Sometimes it was nice holding a hot beverage just to keep me from fidgeting. I spent a lot of time trying to doctor up this instant coffee into something drinkable, and that was when I stumbled upon mixing hot chocolate and coffee together. It wasn't until a few years later that I discovered this was actually a drink people made and loved just as much as I did!

Now that I work with great coffee every day, the need to add extra things into it isn't always necessary, but I still enjoy this nice treat every now and then. Don't we all have our favorite ingredients we add into our cups of coffee? Let me know of your favorite combinations in the comments below!

First things first...the hot chocolate mix! You are more then welcome to use your favorite store bought selections, which we all have stocked up in our kitchens. However, I wanted to try my hand at a DIY option so I knew exactly what was going into this drink. 

The next step, brewing your favorite cup of coffee! I chose to brew the Nordico Blend coffee, via the V60 brewer. This espresso blend mixes so well with chocolate you would think they were meant for each other...well they pretty much are! I made enough for an 8 oz cup of coffee, with ratios of 17 grams of coffee to 289 grams of water. 

The last step is to pour the freshly brewed coffee into your favorite mug, add 1.5 - 2 tablespoons of the hot chocolate mix into your coffee and stir. As a chocolate lover I need to be careful with this hot chocee, and switch to decaf around 3 pm every day or there will be no sleeping for me. I can drink cup after cup of this and would still want more!

What is your favorite ingredient to add to coffee? Do you add marshmallows, chocolate chips, cayenee pepper to your hot chocee mix? I'd love to know and possibly give some a try!

What I used for the Hot Chocolate Mix |

Bottoms up - Jess!

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