We are so happy to launch (or re-launch) the coffee that landed us third place at America’s Best Espresso competition this year at Coffee Fest New York! Part of our motivation for competing was to create a new espresso blend, something to add to our offering sheet that would compliment the full bodied, chocolaty flavor profile of our flagship espresso blend, Nordico. With our new blend, we were shooting for a lighter bodied, brighter flavor profile - kind of like The Villager!

The Villager has always featured washed African and Latin American coffees making for a clean, sweet and bright flavor profile. For the competition, we switched out the Latin American coffee in The Villager from Guatemala to Colombia and found what we were looking for in our new espresso. The Villager is now made up of 60% Ethiopia YirgZ and 40% Colombia Jamir Quitian, the exact blend that landed us in 3rd place at the competition.

We are so excited to re-introduce The Villager as our new espresso offering, and continue to promote it as an amazing lighter blend for drip brewing. The exact coffees in The Villager will change throughout the year as new crops arrive, but the flavor profile will remain constant - clean and sweet with a citrus pop.

Get a taste of the competition version while you can, as we have a limited supply of Colombia Jamir Quitian!

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