This week I had the opportunity to sit down with non-other then Stacy! She is a vital member of the One Village Coffee team, and now is your chance to get to know her a little better. Feel free to ask Stacy any questions you may have in the comments below.

1. What is your role at One Village Coffee?

My role at One Village Coffee is the Customer Support Coordinator. This means - 

  • I do store visits to check in with our customers 
  • I coordinate events and demos
  • I seek out new accounts 
  • I also fill-in & help out where needed 

2. How long have you been working in the coffee industry?

I have been working in the coffee industry for 11 years.

3. What was it that initiated your love for coffee?

I fell in love with coffee twice actually! I started working at Starbucks in 2007; I immediately was enamored by the culture surrounding the trade and the people I met on my journey as a barista. Unfortunately the corporate world was not a good fit for me and I almost abandoned coffee all together. Just before giving up I found a third wave roastery on the mainline that showed me what coffee really was. I learned so much in the two years that I managed the shop. I learned everything from where the coffee comes from and the journey it takes to get to us, to the beautiful art of handcrafted espresso beverages. 

4. What is your favorite coffee drink or brew method?

My favorite coffee beverage is a drip over ice; especially One Village Coffee's spring version of Nomad. Check out this fun Drip Over Ice video we put together for you. You can also find our recipe under this Brew Guide.

5. Tell us a random fact about yourself?

I'm obsessed with all things from the 90's (especially the music)!


Meet the Team - Stacy

Stay tuned as we introduce more of our team members in the coming weeks! Now, what questions do you have for Stacy?

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