Working at a Specialty Coffee Roastery is a beautiful and treasured thing.  One of my favorite benefits of working here is the privilege of drinking from such a wide array of wonderful coffees.  From the single origin micro-lots to our seasonal blends makes me realize how spoiled I really am.  However, as I prep for my morning ritual of making coffee, the choices can be overwhelming, especially when my brain hasn't fully woken up quite yet.   

I reach for my staple roast - The Artist Blend.  I don’t have to think about it, because I know it will get me moving and ready to start my work day. 

This coffee is an original Signature Blend and is one that our fellow coffee drinkers faithfully purchase year after year.  Artist Blend is a mélange roast, a blend of the same beans at two slightly different roast levels (half are a dark roast and half are a medium roast).  This combination results in an earthy base with fruity overtones and a creamy finish.  Fans of this coffee find it to be the perfect balance of flavors, and I would agree.

Green Coffee from the COMSA Co-op in Honduras

Green Coffee from the COMSA Co-op in Honduras

Not only is this coffee delicious, but we at One Village Coffee love working with the farmers at the COMSA Co-op in Marcala, Honduras.  It is this region that will be found in your Artist Blend coffee cup.  For a few years, we have run the COMSA Bee Project with Fair Trade USA.  It was through this project that we developed a wonderful relationship with the coffee farmers. So, when the opportunity arose, we jumped at the chance to visit.  In March 2015 our Licensed Q Grader, Woody, had the privilege of visiting these farms

We at One Village Coffee are proud that all of your purchases of this special coffee have contributed to significant growth for the COMSA Co-op and its farmers.  After hearing about Woody’s wonderful experiences and how much he learned from the Honduran farmers, I am committed to Artist as my “go to” morning brew.

Do you have a staple coffee that you like to drink in the mornings?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below!



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