One Village Coffee Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here and it’s the most wonderful time of the year! We know that choosing gifts can be stressful, so your friends at One Village Coffee are here to make your gift-giving experience a little easier. We brewed up a blend of gifts as exciting and unique as One Village Coffee, and you’re sure to find the perfect gift selection for anyone you’re looking to share the holidays with. And every order comes with a sweet stocking stuffer. Bottoms up!


The Share Bundle

One 10oz bag of Share and our new Share Miir camp cup 

This is the ultimate gift that keeps giving! The Share Bundle includes a bag of our new seasonal Share blend and a Share branded Miir camp cup. The blend is deep and rich, with flavors of layered chocolate cake and toasted hazelnuts, bursting with accents of allspice and a bittersweet chocolate finish. Plus, by purchasing Share you’re helping provide funds and awareness to World Central Kitchen as we contribute to our goal of providing 1,000 hot meals to individuals who need it most.

The One Village Experience

One 6oz bag of Legend, Artist, Nordico, Nomad, & Villager + One Village Coffee Miir tumbler 

Take a dive deep into the One Village blend pool, sure to please every coffee drinker, be they new to the world of roasts or with the most refined palate. The collection also includes our new One Village Miir tumbler, decked out in a cream color as pleasant as your next sip of One Village Coffee. 

The Villager World Tour

One 6oz bag of all our single origins (5 total)

Travel the coffee world from the comfort of your own home with this assortment of outstanding coffee roasts. This is the chance to taste multiple single origins side by side so you can level up in the coffee game and learn what makes each country’s coffee unique!

White Elephant Bundle 

One 10oz bag of Share and a One Village diner mug

Be the one at your White Elephant or Yankee Swap party with the gift everyone’s stealing! This combo of a 10 oz bag of our Share seasonal blend and One Village diner mug is sure to please, and you can kick off the conversation by telling the recipient that their gift is helping our goal of providing 1,000 hot meals to the needy around the world with World Central Kitchen! 


3 Month Gift Subscriptions

Your choice of 6 coffees and available in 6oz or 12oz options 

Make sure those dear to you are filled with coffee cheer every day! The One Village Coffee Subscription is the ideal gift and a sweet way to spend those caffeinated moments together, no matter how near or far.


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