One Village Coffee's Reasons We're Thankful

One Village Coffee's Reasons We're Thankful

Thanksgiving is a remarkable reminder to take a second, savor that sip of coffee in your cup (figuratively and literally), and to offer gratitude. Let's be real. 2020 has been a doozy, which is all the more reason to share thanks for all we have. Our One Village Coffee team took some time to reflect on what we're uniquely grateful for this Thanksgiving, and we want to start by saying how lucky we are to have you in the Village. 

Andrea Hackman, President

"I'm thankful for the One Village Coffee team. This year, everyone has had to adapt to a different environment, enhanced protocol, and increased imagination of how we can connect with customers and each other. Despite the challenges, the One Village Coffee team has stepped up.  And, they have done so with an overwhelming sense of positivity that consistently inspires me."

James Gentile, Operations Lead

"I am thankful for my wife, Elizabeth and our three beautiful, energetic and caring children, Dottie, Jimmy, and Vinny. They are all four years of age and under, and due to the crisis we have spent a lot of time together this year. I am mindful to appreciate it everyday and I am grateful to see such a unique time in all of their young lives!"

Julia Maass, Accounting and HR Administrator

"I'm thankful for our customers, especially the ones that are able to stop by the roastery. Every one of our customers are amazing and so appreciative of what we do.  We do not get many visitors but I love to talk to the occasional walk-ins, about their favorite coffee or help them find a new one to try. It's great to see their smiles (pre-covid), and get to spread the love of coffee!

Steve Hoffman, Director of Coffee

"I am thankful for music. For listening to the magic sound fingerprints of artists. And, that I too am a maker with the gift of coaxing music from instruments."

Kathleen Spicer, Content Creator

"I'm thankful for a lovely Tennessee fall and a bike to ride on the greenways. Getting a bike last month has been my best purchase of 2020 and I can't get enough cycling! This year has been difficult for everyone and being able to spend time outside has been a saving grace."

Andrea Macey, Administration and Finance Manager

"I am thankful for my cat, Lulu. She reminds me that sometimes when you need something, all you really have to do is ask, when you need love, to be loving and that a great way to make someone's day is to express your gratitude to them. As a cat, that means she meows or taps me when she's hungry, she shows her love by headbutting me and expresses her gratitude with the sweetest of purrs. It's that easy."

Adam Sweeney, Sales & Marketing Lead 

"I'm thankful for every Villager, especially in 2020. Navigating the year has basically felt like being thrust into the role of Indiana Jones as he dashes to stay ahead of the next boulder. Getting to know each member of our magnificent community has been refreshing and reminded me that we're all in this together, no matter the distance between us. Now if I could just make a fedora look as cool as Harrison Ford (Spoiler alert: It will never happen.)"

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