Recipe: Iced Coffee For a Crowd

One of our favorite ways to brew coffee this time of year is an iced pour over (check out the brew guide here). The flash chilling element of this makes for a quick, easy way to brew iced coffee. We wanted to share a way to scale that recipe for a larger group using your home brewer. We prefer the 8 cup Bonavita brewer, but this can be adapted to any brewer. Just be sure to use a ratio of 16 parts water and ice to one part coffee


93 grams / 3 oz | medium fine ground coffee 

1000 ml  / 33 oz | room temperature water

500 ml / 17 oz | ice

  1. Pour the room temperature water into the water tank of the coffee maker. 
  2. Add the ice to the coffee decanter. 
  3. Add the ground coffee to the drip tray of the coffee maker. 
  4. Place the decanter of ice and drip tray in the coffee maker and start brewing the coffee.
  5. Once done brewing, discard the grounds in the compost and stir the coffee, helping the rest of the ice to melt. 
  6. Serve coffee over ice! 

Check out a quick how-to video for a more in depth tutorial:




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