Recipe: Instant Coffee Soda

When we launched our Sudden instant coffee last year, we knew it would be the perfect thing for ensuring a delicious cup of coffee anywhere there is access to hot water. As the weather reaches the 90s here in Nashville, though, I’m less and less inclined to drink hot coffee in the afternoons. This got us thinking about the potential of our instant coffee. Since instant coffee is just crystallized brewed coffee and easily dissolves in liquid, it’s the perfect ingredient for making iced coffee drinks at home, particularly coffee soda. 

Instant coffee works better than brewed iced coffee because brewed coffee has such a high water content that if you added seltzer water, it would either be too flat or too diluted. Even if you were to brew a coffee concentration, you would run into the same issues. Dissolving instant coffee into seltzer water ensures the right flavor strength and maintains the fizzy-ness you want in a soda. This is also the reasoning behind reducing orange juice to a syrup. Boiling out the water content of the juice allows the flavors to be more concentrated. The only thing watering down the drink is the seltzer water, which brings the syrup and instant coffee to a drinkable strength. 

Try it out for yourself!



10z seltzer water, such as Topo Chico

1 tube of One Village Coffee Peru Instant

Several cups of orange juice to make your orange syrup (use 2-3 Tablespoons of orange syrup in the actual drink)


-Boil about 3 cups of orange juice until it reaches the consistency of syrup. It should coat the back of a spoon and drizzle slowly. You will be left with about ⅛ of the volume you started with. Cool syrup.

-In a tall glass, mix seltzer water and instant coffee. This will create a lot of foam which can be spooned off. Mix until the water has completely changed color and no coffee crystals remain. 


-Add orange syrup to taste, stir. 

-Add ice and garnish with an orange peel. 

This recipe can be adjusted however you like. You could try it with tonic water instead of seltzer, grapefruit instead of orange syrup, and the list goes on. Let us know what you try! 


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