The Barista Guide to Choosing Coffee Equipment For Home

At One Village Coffee, brewing coffee at home is something we all enjoy. For the last couple of months, many of you have been doing more brewing at home as well. Enjoying a pour over on a Saturday morning or a drip brew throughout the week can make for a relaxing and delicious experience, but knowing what equipment to choose can be overwhelming. We put together a list of recommendations for you based on how you might normally order coffee at your favorite café. Use this guide to become your own barista! 

If your regular order is a single origin from the pour over bar…

You might enjoy brewing coffee on a Chemex. The Chemex will bring out the more delicate flavors of the coffee and the thick filter makes for a very light body. It’s not required, but for best results you want to pour the water using a gooseneck kettle such as the Hario Buono Kettle and weigh out the beans with a scale such as the Hario scale. We recommend brewing our Ethiopia Shakiso single origin or our Villager Blend on this brew method. 

If your regular order is a single origin batch brew and you limit yourself to one or two cups per day…

You should try the Hario V60 pour over method. The V60 is a tried and true barista favorite due to its ease of use and functionality. This V60 brewer and the filters that go with it allow just a bit of the coffee particles and oils to pass through, so it makes for a cup with just a little more body than a Chemex. Again, it’s not required, but we recommend a gooseneck kettle such as the Hario Buono Kettle and a scale. If you’re brewing one cup, you can brew directly into your mug. If you’re brewing more than one cup we recommend brewing into a Hario decanter. We recommend brewing our Colombia Marleny Olaya single origin on this brew method.

If your regular order is the batch brew house coffee and you tend to drink coffee throughout the day…

You will enjoy the Bonavita home brewer. This automatic coffee maker combines the qualities we like in a pour over with the easy to use function of a batch brewer. The shower head of a Bonavita brewer is more spread out like that of a Fetco that you would see in a coffee shop. Unlike the Bonavita, your average home coffee brewer also only has one spout, making for an unevenly extracted cup. The Bonavita makes for a sweet and balanced cup of coffee and brews up to 8 cups at a time, so you’ll be fueled for the day. We recommend brewing our Peru Finca Matapalo single origin or our Artist blend on this brew method. 

If your regular order is an espresso…

You should try brewing at home with an AeroPress. This one-cup brewing device utilizes full immersion (meaning the coffee grounds sit in the hot water, unlike the other brew methods mentioned which utilize agitation and flow) to create a rich and thick brew. You can play around with coffee to water ratios and create something closer to espresso by using less water. We recommend our Villager and Nordico blends for this brew method. 

If your regular order is an americano... 

The french press might be the brew method for you! The french press is the only method mentioned so far that does not have a paper filter. Like the Aeropress, it utilized immersion to create a thick and velvety brew. The only difference is that even more of the coffee sediment will come through in the final cup, much like an americano. We recommend our Legend and Nomad blends for this brew method. 

And finally, no matter how you brew, the best thing you can do to take your home coffee to the next level is to freshly grind your coffee. We love the Baratza Encore conical burr grinder. 

How do you like to brew your coffee at home? Are there any other brew methods you want us to highlight or have questions about? Let us know in the comments below!


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