The story behind our Peru Cold Brew

Last year when we launched our Peru Cold Brew, our first new product since the beginning of One Village Coffee, we knew that it would be special. We had partnered with an industry innovator called BKON, a manufacturer of cold brew based out of New Jersey.  Still, we were blown away by the final product.

The flavor of our Peru Finca Matapalo cold brew is different than most cold brew coffees. Many of you might be familiar with the traditional brewing method for cold brew, which is an 18-20 hour brewing period at room temperature. BKONs patented RAIN technology vacuum brews the coffee in 15 minutes which creates a long-lasting smooth and refreshing flavor. RAIN stands for Reverse Atmospheric Infusion. Using this technology, they’re able to drastically reduce the brew time needed. Cold brew skeptics on the One Village Coffee team were definitely converted after taking a first sip (myself included). It has a pop of flavor that is lacking in traditional cold brew and tastes chocolatey without the bitterness. One of the best parts is that the flavor doesn’t degrade over time. 

Those of you familiar with One Village Coffee will not be surprised to hear that the sourcing of the coffee itself is similarly unique. The coffee is from Finca Matapalo in Peru, an Impact Farming coffee from Shared-X, our parent company. You may have seen this coffee as a whole bean offering the last couple of months. Shared-X empowers smallholder farmers with innovative agricultural techniques, increasing crop yields, and providing new access to markets, which makes this an all around great product. 

As the weather warms, you can bet our team will be enjoying One Village Peru Cold Brew Coffee in the sunshine. Try it for yourself! Those local to Souderton can order online for local delivery or you can find it available at Wegmans, Heirloom Market, and more. Looking for cold brew on a grocery shelf near you? Comment below where you'd like to see our cold brew!

RAIN is a proprietary trademark and patented process of BKON LLC.


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