We are so excited to announce that we will be launching a new look in December. With this reveal, One Village Coffee will be getting a new logo, product design, and website. We took the time to sit down with our new General Manager, Andrea Hackman, and asked her about what you should expect.

Q: Why the new look?

A: One of the things we pride ourselves in is that our coffees are handcrafted & meticulously sourced, taking into consideration the harvest season and the farmers who worked hard to produce a quality crop. One Village Coffee is fairly simple… we are a community of growers, roasters, and faithful coffee drinkers working together to better our families, the world, and ourselves.  The new look and packaging was designed to show this message in a simple way.

Q: What can we expect with the new look?

A: I don’t want to give away too much! But, you can expect the look to be simple & hand-crafted, providing a connection to the land in which the coffee was grown.

Q: Will the look of your bags change?

A: Yes! Our bags will be updated to match our new look. One of the biggest things we are proud of is the fact that our 12oz bags will be compostable. After 60-90 days in your compost bin, only a small thin layer will remain. That layer can be removed and thrown away (it will decompose in the landfill over time). This is paramount for us, as one of our values is to be environmental stewards.

In addition to it being compostable, you will be able to re-seal the new bag. It has a “zipper” feature, which allows you to pull off a tab and re-seal the bag for easy use and storage. Lastly, the structure of the bag will change. It will now have a flat bottom so it will easily sit on your shelf, and it will be wider and shorter than our current bag.

For our wholesale customers, our 5lb bulk bags will match the new 12oz bags!

Q: When will the new look roll out?

A: We will be giving sneak peeks of our new look over the next several weeks. The official reveal of our new logo and website will be December 1st. The bags will follow in mid-December.

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