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World Central Kitchen on One Village Coffee, Share, & Their Vision for 2021

World Central Kitchen (WCK), a non-profit organization with a core mission to provide a hot meal when it's needed most to those who need it most, has served over 40 million meals to survivors of man-made and natural disasters. Like One Village Coffee, they believe in the power of community and adaptation (Here's a fascinating read in the Washington Post on how WCK Founder and Chef José Andrés believes sports stadiums should be used to support those in need.). When it came time to choose our inaugural partner for the Share program, a seasonal coffee designed to raise awareness and funds for a non-profit organization. WCK was a natural fit. 

We're inspired by WCK and hope you support them in their efforts by purchasing a bag of our co-branded seasonal blend, Share. Every bag bought helps us in our  joint effort to provide 1,000 more hot meals this season. 

Lisa Abrego, WCK's Director of Community Strategy, took some time to discuss the partnership with One Village Coffee and where their organization is headed in 2021.

How has 2020 shaped the efforts of World Central Kitchen? 

The exponentially increasing needs 2020 brought required the nimble and quick thinking that is at the heart of WCK. The pandemic posed unique challenges–including cruise ships which couldn’t disembark, but also presented an ability to scale and help the most people, and gave way to WCK’s Restaurants for the People program, which attacks the pandemic on two fronts: it keeps restaurants up and running and their teams and purveyors working, and people who need food get fresh, nourishing meals. In addition to the pandemic relief efforts,  WCK supported communities affected by both natural and manmade disasters, including the wildfires in California and Oregon, refugee crises in Tijuana and Venezuela, Hurricanes in the US, Caribbean and Central America, the explosion in Beirut, among others. 

What current initiative is World Central Kitchen focused on as you move into 2021?

As our founder Chef José Andrés likes to say–”wherever there’s a fight so that hungry people may eat, we will be there.” WCK is active year-round with our Resilience Programs in Central America and the Caribbean, and will be continuing our #ChefsForAmerica Covid-relief efforts, as well as our relief response to disaster needs around the world.

What stands out to you about the promotional partnership with One Village Coffee?  

WCK is grateful for One Village Coffee's support and belief in our mission. One Village Coffee shares our vision that a powerful solution to the ongoing health, economic and humanitarian crises is to work closely with our communities to find and implement creative solutions. 

How does the Share seasonal blend reflect the values of World Central Kitchen?

Just like World Central Kitchen uses the power of food to heal and strengthen communities in times of crisis and beyond, One Village Coffee and the Share seasonal blend considers broader impact and innovative ways in which we can support communities in need. Like us, One Village Coffee works closely with them to consider needs and tailor solutions–we’re grateful for the support!

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