Music to Drink Your Cold Brew To: Philadelphia Edition

Coffee always tastes better to music. We conducted a multi-million dollar study to confirm this as fact. (Note: We did not, in fact, conduct a study. We did, however, drink a lot of our Peru Cold Brew while listening to Japanese Breakfast and it was breathtaking, so that's enough for us.)

It's getting hotter outside so it's a perfect time to add cold brew to your coffee drinking routine. One Village Coffee World Headquarters is based right outside Philadelphia, so we thought this is the perfect time to build a Spotify playlist showcasing some of Philly's greatest musical artists! The playlist spans decades of Illadelphia's finest songwriters, ranging from hip hop heavyweights The Roots to the high-energy punk anthems of Sheer Mag. Turn the music up and feel free to Share the love with some friends. Bottoms up!