New Coffee: Peru Finca Matapalo Cup of Excellence

New Coffee: Peru Finca Matapalo Cup of Excellence

The Cup of Excellence is an annual competition held in several countries to identify the highest quality coffees produced. It is organized by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, a nonprofit, global membership organization that upholds the highest standards in specialty coffee through their program called Cup of Excellence. 

This program is unique as it is both a worldwide competition and auction! It is also the highest award given to a top scoring coffee. Hundreds of cups are smelled, tasted and scored based on their exemplary characteristics. The winning coffees receive record breaking prices at auction time and again, which proves that there is a huge demand for these rare, farmer-identified coffees. This direct trade benefit to both the marketplace and the farmers, is huge and has created sustainability for both. The competition has helped the industry better understand and appreciate the nuances and flavor profiles of rare, exceptional  coffees,  as well as clarify how they help  build consumer excitement and loyalty.

We are very excited to share our own experience in this program. In 2019 , our partners, Shared-X Impact Farming, participated and qualified as finalists in the Cup of Excellence for their  “Peru Finca Matapalo Cup of Excellence'', which will be released to the public very soon, This winning lot was produced through a team effort by members of Shared-X, including: Luis Bonatto Giacomotti (foreman),  Jean-Pierre Mayor Bonatto, (field manager), Jose Victor Vivanco Pacasi, (plant manager), Rolando Campos Coicaposa, (field worker), Judith Esmeralda Solis Pishagua (field worker), Juan Gabiel Campos Coicaposa (field worker), Victor Flores Arimuya (field worker), Jhonatan Gapar Farfan, (field worker), Walter Giovanni Asto Rivera (plant worker),  Nue Huaman Navarro (plant worker),Walter Bravo Perales (harvest receptionist - supply chain manager), Alex Vivanco Conde, (quality control), and Andreas Christian Woernle (Matapalo farm manager).

Peru Finca Matapalo is located in the Junín region of central Peru, a few hundred kilometers east northeast of Lima. Finca Matapalo is where the Shared-X idea was born. The biodiversity is real and the workers dedication is based on loyalty and friendship.  Location , size, agricultural and economic strategies make this Finca so unique. In addition, it is at 1750 m, which allows them to grow and blend varieties such as Gesha, Bourbon and Caturra and led to the phenomenal taste of this award winning coffee.  

One Village Coffee will release Peru Finca Matapalo Cup of Excellence soon.  Please keep an eye out for it to  experience first-hand why this coffee is so special! Thank you for being part of our community and our village! 

Bottoms Up,

One Village Coffee & Shared-X Impact Farming

Keep spreading the love for coffee!

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