We are all aware that day to day, breakfast is something that is rushed, and gets more intense once you have children. In this entry, our Director of Sales and Marketing Joshua Smith tells us about one of his favorite experiences as a father- creating breakfast recipes for the family.

Joshua believes there is nothing more rewarding than creating a sensory experience for his children that will be remembered for a lifetime. As a dad, he strives for these small experiences to be profound and memorable.

"I’m a father of 5 kids and being able to multi task is crucial- in order for breakfast to be cooked and eaten before noon, you have to utilize some cooking hacks!"  





- Wild Atlantic Smoke Salmon: 4-6 oz or to your liking

- Fresh Artisanal Bagels: It is worth the trip to high end grocery store or the local bagel shop to get an authentic New York style bagel

* Flavor Suggestions: Egg Jalapeno, Sesame, Plain, Everything, Pumpernickel, Egg, Wheat, Multigrain, many flavors work for this recipe. 

- Cream Cheese: 4 oz

- Applewood Smoked Bacon: 2 pieces (The running joke at One Village Coffee is how much I talk about Trader Joe’s, well it wont stop here.  Trader Joe’s Apple Wood Smoked Bacon is our family’s favorite bacon). 

- Everything Bagel Seasoning

- Red Onion: a few paper thin slices on each half

- European Cucumbers: 4 thin slices




  • Step one certainly is multitasking. While the bacon is cooking, you can work on prepping the other ingredients.
  • First, you want to get the bacon cooked and cooled at room temperature. The running joke at One Village is how much Joshua talks about Trader Joe’s..... well, it won’t stop here. Trader Joe’s Apple Wood Smoked Bacon is his family’s favorite bacon! But Joshua also supports the oven method for cooking bacon.


Next tasks while bacon is cooking:

  • Place cream cheese on counter to get room temperature. Joshua is a fan of traditional cream cheese and not the whipped version, but either option will work.
  • Slice the cucumbers: cut a 3 in section of the cucumber (not including the tip).  Cutting long-ways: make 4 thin slices of cucumber (avoid using the outside slices that will be all skin and little flesh of the cucumber).
  • Slice the red onions, keep the slices thin so that the taste of the onion does not over power the other ingredients. Remember, the bacon and salmon are the stars of this show!
  • Portion the smoke salmon (lox).
  • Have bagels ready
  • Brew some One Village Coffee! Any of our blends or single origins will pair well with this!

Once bacon is cooked to desired crispiness follow these steps:

  • Cut and toast each half of the bagel to desired doneness.
  • Break/cut 2 slices of bacon in half.
  • Layer your bagel in this order in order for your pallet to have the right experience:
  • Smear the cream cheese onto bagel halves
  • Sprinkle everything seasoning onto cream cheese
  • Lay the cucumber slices over cream cheese and seasoning
  • Add smoked salmon portions.
  • Place perfectly cooked bacon
  • Finish with the red onion slices.


This breakfast delight is a symphony flavors and mouthfeel – salty, tangy, spicy, and crunchy, creamy, chewy.  Enjoy!

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