Gaven D'Ambra

Connectivity In a Cup

One Village Coffee's Sale Representative Gaven D'Ambra lights up every room they enter. We asked Gaven to do a social media takeover and offer their thoughts in our blog about what makes One Village Coffee special. We hope you enjoy their words and ideas below! 

The ONE thing about OVC and coffee in general that keeps me coming back is COMMUNITY. It's something that’s chosen and maintained, and NEVER forced, or fabricated.

In coffee, community starts with organization. Using a tree as an analogy, throughout my time working in specialty cafes and production roasteries, my coworkers and colleagues have consistently been the root, foundation. When you’re there for each other and your customers, the community feels it, and roots quickly spread leading to the growth of something much bigger.

What’s so glorious are the things this community and organization can achieve together, beyond the coffee process. After all, being intentional and transparent with producer/roaster relationships, green buying, importing, roasting and marketing is one part of a whole; the other being coexists intentionality for humanity. Whether it’s organizing and highlighting mutual aid resources for marginalized communities, using your platform to speak up against bigotry and hatred, or using your business as a safe-space welcome to all genders and sexual orientations, and to promote awareness for those communities, nothing is out of the realm of possibility when it comes to the connection coffee brings. The connectivity that comes with a cup (or bag) of coffee is truly extraordinary.

As a part of our Village, I am committed to the work that is required for harboring an empathic and compassionate community. Understanding, listening, speaking up, and having the tough conversations as opposed to not. Making compromises for others.

Long story short, I am constantly excited to be a part of the One Village Story- there is so much to be written.
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