Andrea Macey, on left, and Andrea Hackman

One Village Women Leadership Spotlight: Andrea Hackman

The value of women leadership and gender disparity in the workspace can't be overstated, especially with studies showing that job losses are hitting women more during the Covid-19 pandemic. We take great pride in how our President, Andrea Hackman, and Andrea Macey, Administration and Finance Manager, both guide One Village Coffee with their vision for a company and future in coffee that encourages and embraces inclusivity and different viewpoints. 

We chatted with Hackman and Macey discuss the importance of women leadership in the professional workspace, and they shared thoughts on other women leaders that inspire them, the unique qualities they bring to One Village Coffee, and the specific coffees they love. We start with Andrea Hackman. Enjoy!

One Village Coffee: Why is it so important for there to be women leadership in the professional workspace?

Andrea Hackman: Diverse representation in leadership is important because the world is not one-dimensional. Every person brings a unique perspective, and when more perspectives are considered, I believe it results in a more well-rounded outcome for all stakeholders.

OVC: Who is a female leader, or who are some female leaders, outside of One Village Coffee that inspire you?

AH: Leaders I appreciate are Glennon Doyle and Brené Brown. They are brave, courageous women who promote self-love, vulnerability, and acceptance - that you are enough. I think we all need to hear their messages.

OVC: What unique quality do you feel you bring to One Village Coffee?

AH: The unique qualities I bring to One Village Coffee are empathy and potential.  Because of my empathy, we have created a culture of understanding, openness, and space to “be human.” We are NOT the company who says, “leave it at the door.” We recognize life extends beyond our walls and allowing space for people to be themselves is an important part of our culture, and I believe, our company’s success. I also have a developer strength. I see possibility in people. I like evaluating roles to match peoples’ skills and passions to create the most engagement for the individual and organization.  

OVC: What is your favorite One Village Coffee roast and why?

AH: I love Villager. It’s my go-to most weeks. It’s bright & balanced and hits that “sweet spot” for me every time. But everyone is different! We always encourage people to try all our coffee and discover what they like best.

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