One Village Women Leadership Spotlight: Andrea Macey

One Village Women Leadership Spotlight: Andrea Macey

The value of women leadership and gender disparity in the workspace can't be overstated, especially with studies showing that job losses are hitting women more during the Covid-19 pandemic. We take great pride in how our President, Andrea Hackman, and Andrea Macey, Administration and Finance Manager, both guide One Village Coffee with their vision for a company and future in coffee that encourages and embraces inclusivity and different viewpoints. 

We chatted with Hackman and Macey discuss the importance of women leadership in the professional workspace, and they shared thoughts on other women leaders that inspire them, the unique qualities they bring to One Village Coffee, and the specific coffees they love. We continue our conversation with Andrea Macey. Enjoy!

One Village Coffee: Why is it so important for there to be women leadership in the professional workspace?

Andrea Macey: It is important for companies to have the best talent they can find and a variety of strengths among their leaders. Women will often bring emotional intelligence, resiliency and the internal fortitude developed from the uphill battle they climbed to become leaders. These are important attributes to demonstrate to all their employees, but especially for the other women they lead.

OVC: How can the coffee industry continue to support and grow the roles for women in leadership?

Like in so many industries for which women are underrepresented, the key will be to identify and name the need, and then aggressively promote and recruit talented women for those roles.

OVC: Who is a female leader, or who are some female leaders, outside of One Village Coffee that inspire you?

AM: I am a big fan of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg; she was a remarkably strong person who defied the odds in becoming a Supreme Court Justice and fought hard to create gender equity. I am also incredibly impressed by Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, for demonstrating to the world through the way she managed COVID-19 that compassion and strength can go hand-in-hand.

What unique quality do you feel you bring to One Village Coffee?

AM: I am not sure it is a unique quality, but I genuinely believe all questions are good questions. I poke holes and question the team a lot. Also, as a parent of grown children, I have learned so many new things from them. I bring this attitude to work with me - believing I have something to learn from everyone on our team.

What is your favorite One Village Coffee roast and why?

AM: I love when we have natural process coffees. We keep those coffees light to medium and I love the luscious berry quality they impart in the coffee.

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