It is a new month, and we have a new member of the Village! Time to get to know him a little bit more through something us coffee nerds know and love: drink building.


Before the pandemic started, Sean played drums for local Philly rock group Cheerleader! Sean was a touring and recording member of the band which toured nationally with artists like Eliot Sumner and popular indie rockers The Wombats!
Since summer is around the corner, we are going to be building and tasting Sean’s FAVORITE summer drink, Espresso Tonics.

We love Espresso Tonics as an essential summer beverage. They are a great alternative to iced americano, iced latte, cold brew or even iced coffee, and the carbonation provides a unique texture and drinking experience when mixed with espresso.
Here is the recipe:

- 6 oz tonic water (we used fever-tree brand)
- 2.5 oz Espresso
- Fruit-acidic simple syrup (optional)

1. Pour tonic into glass over ice. Pull shot.
2. Gently pour shot over tonic.
3. Mix with spoon.

TIP: This drink goes GREAT with a little acidity, and we recommend throwing in an ounce or half ounce of your favorite fruit-acidic simple syrup. Monin is a great resource for checking out new simple flavors. For a sweeter tasting drink, go with a lighter roast. We pulled shots of our Ethiopia Refisa, which has strong citrus flavors and floral aromatics that were the perfect complement to tonic. Also, if tonic is not your thing feel free to serve over seltzer!
Bottoms up, Villagers!

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