With summer approaching, we know many of you are searching for a *cooler* way to enjoy One Village Coffee.

There are so many methods to lower the temp on your coffee-but we have two favorites:  the Cold Brew Concentrate method and the Drip Over Ice method.  

What's the difference?  Personal preference, of course.  The Cold Brew Concentrate yields a fuller bodied coffee.  The Drip Over Ice produces a brighter coffee.  

One more difference: time.  The Cold Brew Concentrate takes 18 hours to brew, but can last up to two weeks.  The Drip Over Ice takes mere minute but really should be consumed that day.

Try them both with our Seasonal Nomad Blend.  Photos of you sipping on One Village Coffee in the sun are encouraged :).


1.     Weigh out 1.2 lbs of coffee.

2.     Grind the coffee on a course setting, place grinds into a “hops” or “muslin” bag (you know, the kind used for beer!), and cinch the top.

3.     Place the bag in a pitcher (preferably one with a spout or a spigot) and fill the pitcher with 3 quarts cold, filtered water.

4.     Let the coffee brew for 18 hours in a room temperature environment (your kitchen counter is a good place).

5.     Remove and gently squeeze the bag to pull out any remaining liquid.

6.     Strain the coffee if you like it extra “clean”.

7.     When making your iced coffee, mix together 60% of the cold brew concentrate and 40% of filtered cold water for any size cup.

8.     Store the remainder of the cold brew concentrate in a refrigerator (good for up to 2 weeks).  This recipe makes approximately 1 gallon of cold brew.




Choose the size of the vessel you are brewing in and weigh out the coffee accordingly. We chose to utilize a V60 Pour Over.


Grind as you would for drip coffee.


OVC Shoot 02-281.jpg


Know how much water you normally need to make coffee in that vessel?  Great!  Whatever that amount is, add half that amount of ice to the vessel the coffee will be dripped into.  For example, if you normally use 500 grams of water (that's a half liter), you would place 250 grams of ice in the vessel. We followed the V60 Pour Over brew guide and did 250 grams of ice.


Brew the coffee as you normally would but only use half the amount of water you typically use. Half of the water for your coffee will be in the form of ice, and half the water will come from brewing.  That way the coffee will not taste watered down when the ice melts.  For our V60 Pour Over, we added 250 grams of hot water.

OVC Shoot 02-291.jpg


Stir and enjoy!