Nightingale Decaf


Roast Level | Medium

This lot comes from the ASOBAGRI co-op in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. The co-op is large (1200 members), well established (founded in 1989), and produces very good quality Fair Trade and Organic coffees. We’ve been buying their coffee on and off in caffeinated form for a few years now and it will be making an appearance in our dark roast blend Legend this winter!

This coffee is decaffeinated in neighboring Mexico using the water process where the green coffee beans are soaked in water to remove caffeine without the aid of chemicals. You're left with all the great taste you are looking for without the caffeine!

Single Origin From | Guatemala

Region | Huehuetenango


Process | Washed 

Decaffeination Method | Water Process

Variety | Bourbon, Caturra

Grown At | 1650 M