• Burundi Bukeye Hills
  • Burundi Bukeye Hills
  • Burundi Bukeye Hills

Burundi Bukeye Hills

Roast Level | Medium Roast

Tastes Like | Honey | Tropical Fruit | Citrus

Bukeye Hills is a blend of coffees from farmers surrounding the Bukeye washing station. It’s truly a community coffee that proudly showcases the quality potential of the microregion! Bukeye is a coffee washing station owned and operated by Long Miles Coffee, one of three they have built in Burundi. Long Miles occupies a unique position in the supply chain, they are the connector between farmers and roasters like One Village who are committed to cup quality, traceability, and making an impact in coffee farming communities. Long Miles is pushing quality and potential in their coffee growing communities with innovative programs including a team of Coffee Scouts who are fighting antestia (the bug linked to potato defect) with organic pesticides!

And of course, the coffee tastes soo good that we can’t get enough. It’s a complex cup with all the right things in all the right places - big cane sugar/honey sweetness, crisp citrus zest acidity, juicy body, tropical fruit depth, all in harmonious balance. Mouth watering!